Coping with Grief and Loss is part of life including how people deal with it. I am going to share with you a short snippet on how I came across someone who had a difficult time coping with loss.

Whilst walking in my local park taking in the joys and colours of summer, I went past a man sitting on a bench looking into the distance. I said hello and smiled. He looked up and his gaze said everything. The eyes welled up and he emotionally broke down.

It became clear that he had been unable to come to accept his loss and move on. One thing I suggested was to focus on a happy memory and how it felt. Firstly, in his reply I sensed a positive shift. Secondly, by the time he had finished, he was in a much better place.

In the above anecdote, I was just talking with someone in passing who needed help. Whilst this post will not help you to come to terms with your loss, I hope it lays the foundation step to build on in therapy on your journey to get closure.

Working through memories in therapy is a foundation of the healing process. This enables you to cope with grief, get closure and move on in life.

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