What makes hypnotherapy so effective is that it works on the unconscious mind, this means it doesn’t require you to try to manage your symptoms or issues as it constantly works in the background whilst you continue to get on with your day and enjoy your life. To start the process we put you into a deep sleep and instruct your mind on how to deal with it’s problems so that you don’t need to actively do it yourself. This helps to guide and maneuver your mind into a place where you feel complete.


When you go out in the car you’ll probably use a satnav or mobile app to work out the best route to your destination. NLP is like a satnav in your mind that helps you to identify how you can achieve what you want, it works out how best to get you to your destination. In this example the maps are the collection of all your memories, experiences and feelings to date, all of which make up your unconscious mind.

Or, its like you are going shopping but do not know where to find the thing you’re looking for. NLP is the shopper’s assistant that helps point the way to where you can find what you want. In this way, your thoughts of what you want are represented by your conscious mind and the place where you can get what you desire represents your unconscious mind.

The clearer you are with setting your satnav or the better you are at describing what you are looking for in a shop, the quicker you can get to the place or the things you want.


Do you find that there are some experiences that you simply find hard to remember, names, places, house/car keys etc when you need them the most, yet when there is no urgency or you do not need them, you suddenly remember? EMDR is your experienced locksmith. It helps unlock those memories that can help you overcome the problems.

Most people enjoy eating cake, but it’s important to be careful when baking one. When you take the cake out of the oven it’s easy to burn yourself as it is piping hot. EMDR is like the oven gloves that protect you from burning your hands while holding the hot tray.

Similarly, we have all been in a situation where we have dropped an unopened  bottle of fizzy drink on the floor. We all know that if we open that bottle straightaway, then the drink is going to spray out all over the place, making a mess. Now imagine if there was a safe and controlled way to open that bottle so that there is no spillage or any mess.. Your thoughts and experiences in your unconscious are like the fizzy drink and EMDR helps you to access them in a way without any mess so you can enjoy the drink you wanted to.

EMDR helps you to handle memories and experiences in a safe and controlled way to allow you to move forward in your life.

Third Wave Therapies (mindfulness, Acceptance Commitment etc)

Sadly, these days, we are all feeling the pinch of time and find ourselves in a constant race to get things done. We don’t have or allow ourselves to stop and breath and take a little time to determine the right action.

At some point in time we’ve all reacted to a situation ‘in the heat of the moment’ and then regretted it in the cold light of the day. Often realising that had we spent a little time thinking before we acted that not only would our reaction be different but also the outcome too. For example, we’ve all experienced being stuck in slow moving traffic desperate to get home by a specific time. We can’t do much about it but when another driver pulls out in front of us without warning we rapidly develop a sense of anger, and when there’s no apology or even a thank you, it can lead to road rage and potentially onto something more serious. Of course, in reality we all know an extra car in front will only add a few seconds to our journey which doesn’t really make a difference.

Third Wave therapies are a number of techniques that give back to us control of what and how we make decisions. They help create a bit of ‘breathing space’ to enable us to reason with our thoughts and decide on the best course of action.