Listed below are some of the treatments Edensgate Hypnotherapy can help provide you with:

Addictions & Habits

A habit can be deemed to be good, bad or neither. But one thing is certain, just as a habit is a learnt behaviour, it can also be unlearnt.

An addiction is an extreme version of a habit, whether good or bad, and where our lives revolve around us servicing that extreme habit.

Confidence & Motivation

Confidence is an essential and primary element in our ability to tackle life’s many challenges.

Hand in hand with confidence is the necessity for motivation otherwise there is a natural tendency to avoid challenges.

Performance Anxiety

Anxiety is natural, however too much can be destructive, countering the positive effect and preventing us from realising the full potential in our lives, be it professional or social.

When we are required to perform in front of others, particularly strangers, the anxiety can become extreme.

Phobias & Fears

Phobias are irrational, intense, persistent fears of certain activities, situations, objects or people.

Most individuals understand that they are suffering from an irrational fear, but feel powerless to override their initial panic reaction. They vary in severity among individuals.

Stress & Anxiety

We all experience anxiety and stress daily ranging from mild to the serious levels and we have adopted our own mechanisms to deal with it.

Common to most sufferers is a sense of having lost control and the impact on their professional and personal relationships.

Negative Attitude & Low Esteem

There are times when we experience a series of disappointments and find that events are not favourable to us.  Our confidence and self-esteem can be affected.

Our view of events can become increasingly negative, even plunging us into an ever decreasing spiral of negativity.