Workshops for dealing with Childhood Stress


  • Group sessions - Fortnightly
  • Family sessions - By appointment
  • Group sessions - By appointment


  • Online via video chat (platform TBC)
  • In person, dependant on current government advice.

For the vast majority of parents, the health and wellbeing of their children is usually a top priority. However, the current lifestyles we lead and our expectations continue to add higher levels of stress (emotional and physical).

It is true to say that stress in small amounts can be good. But, excessive stress can affect the way a child thinks, acts, and feels. Spotting signs of excess stress in our children is not straight forward.

Young children often do not understand or can verbalise the stress they experience making it all the harder to help them. This creates anxiety, insecurity, demotivates and erodes confidence which has long term consequences for the children, reaching well into adulthood.


Taking steps early to address childhood stress is invaluable. Three key benefits your children gain will be:

  • much steadier emotionally, particularly at a time when their hormones are ‘rampaging’
  • more resilient to the emotional and behavioural disorders associated with long term stress. This will serve them well into adulthood
  • more considerate and understanding of their parents and thereby reducing their levels of stress.


Through a series of separate workshops for children, I will share valuable tips, exercises and techniques on how to:

  • Recognise signs and triggers of stress
  • Take out excess emotion from a stressful situation so it can be viewed logically and rationally
  • Make sense of challenging behaviours, emotions and symptoms of stress
  • Be confident to discuss and communicate feelings to others
  • Bring about a mindset change by reframing how a stress trigger is viewed
  • Transform stress into a powerful resource to tackle the challenges head-on with confidence and assurance
  • Address the source of stress to take back control of the mental and physical wellbeing.

Individual, Group and Family sessions

You can choose to join a group workshop or have individual sessions. The children I help range in age from 5 years up to late teenage years. These sessions are typically 1 hour long.

Family unit sessions are typically 90 min. long.

The sessions will be delivered online or as an actual workshop (with appropriate social distancing) depending on the prevailing advice.

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